Nursery in Jersey

Thank you for visiting the website of Rainbow Tots Nursery our day nurseries in Jersey(Channel Islands).  We are very proud of our nurseries and look forward to showing you the happy and fun atmosphere we've created. We take huge pleasure in helping our children develop and grow during their time with us. We are here to provide a fun and stimulating environment that prepares them well for their move on to 'Big school'.

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We take children from 3 months right up to 5 years when they take their first steps into primary school.

What makes us special

 We aim to provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment in which your child will feel happy and secure. In order to reach their full potential children need to have a positive self image and confidence in their own abilities. Rainbow Tots will offer your child the opportunity, through a structured and relevent curriculum, to experience a wide range of skills. Starting nursery is a new and possibly daunting experience for children and their famalies alike. but we aim to make nursery an exciting, enjoyable, challenging adventure and the first step towards a happy and sucessful adult life.

Rainbow Tots will offer your child a happy, caring and exciting environment in which to grow and learn. The nursery staff are carefully selected not only for their formal qualifications but for their genuine commitment to children. All children are special and we look forward to sharing the care and development of your child with you.

 We take health, safety and welfare of all children in our care very seriously. We will take every measure to ensure your child is safe and protected while in our care. We operate a strict security system and all staff undergo out thorough vetting in addition to the required CRB checks.

Dedicated areas

We have  three special rooms designed for our children's age and stage of development,This allows us to create different stimulating atmospheres for our children as they grow and get ever more inquisitive.  'The Imps' room  for our under 2 years is divided in to areas to cater for our mobile and non-mobile babies/toddlers.The room is carefully design to provide a safe, stimulating and homely environment for our very youngest children. It is light, bright and cheerful with plenty of access to outdoor play area. 'The Elves' cater for our 2-3year olds and our Lower pre-school group. They also have a bright, cheerful room with access to our outdoor play area. Here, we provide relevent learning and development opportunities which set realistic but challenging goals that meet the diverse and individual abilities of all our children. Language and social skills develop rapidly during this very important year and children are often ready to abandon nappies and start to use our special child sized toilets. 'The Pixies' for our 3years +,is where our pre-school children will experience work and play from the Jersey Quality Framework, which is associated with the Nursery Education Funding (NEF). The design of the Foundation Stage/Pre-school area and the specialist equipment available, together with a structured curriculum ensures each child is working towards acheiving early learning goals. Our main aim in Pixies is that by the time our children transfer to school they have already discovered that learning and making friends is easy and fun and have become confident, happy children in their personal, social and emotional development.