Rainbow Tots Nursery activities

Structure of our day

At Rainbow Tots Nursery the aim of our nursery in Jersey is to provide a warm happy place where your children can be looked after with stimulation, fun, rest, cuddles, healthy food and where they can grow into inquisitive, socially aware children that have great memories or our little school in Jersey.

Our days vary depending on the age of our children.  We cater for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  As a child moves into each of these phases their care, play and stimulation needs change.  We have created different areas and environments where they can engage in a range of activities that suit their development stage.

The very young babies need a lot of attention, care and naps so they can re-charge their batteries.  Whereas the older children become much more inquisitive and need far more stimulation as their interest in the world and each other increases. At Rainbow Tots Nursery our typical activities include painting, music, sensory play, listening to stories and singing.

nursery activity in Jersey

Academic learning

Although we are not an academic nursery at Rainbow Tots Nursery  we do  introduce many of the concepts that will form the foundation of their primary education. Through play we can introduce colours, shapes, numbers, and of course the alphabet, but our primary focus is teaching our children social skills.  We will help them to develop confidence their own ability,  and difficult to grasp concepts such as patience, how to be polite and well mannered and kind to other children.

Our nursery food is provided in-house and we have a weekly menu on a 5 week rota, so you will always know what we are serving. We aim to cater for the dietary requirements of all our children so please let do tell us if you have any special requests.

Key-worker/co-worker of Staff

Here at Rainbow Tots we operate a key -worker / co-worker of staff who, the key-worker will be primarily responsible for your child and who will be your principal point of contact. This enables us to best fulfill the needs of your child and provide you with accurate feedback on their development and well being. They will be solely responsible for all your child's paperwork from the communication diary (in our under 2's) to their learning journals, but your child will be use to all staff working in their area.