Rainbow Tots Nursery Elves Room 2-3years

When our children settle into Elves they should be completely ready physically, socially and emotionally as they will be taking on more structure and learning independant skills that will set them up for pre-school (Pixies) onwards. The room have more defined areas of play with a home corner, construction area, quiet/book area, creative area and table top activities for mark making, small world and fine manipulation. Children will come in to small group activities with their key-worker and each group has a key-worker/ co-worker combination so that at least 2 members of staff can get to know your child really well as they take part in more group activities for singing, story time and circle time which develops their listening, responding, sharing and turn taking skills further.  In Elves the children are asked to bring in their own water bottles so that they can get a drink at any time during the day. These usually left in nursery where the staff wash and dry them each night and replenish them as required. Water bottles are not used at snack or meal times as children are learning to serve themselves at the table with pouring their own drinks out of jugs in to their cups, serving food on to their own plates and using a knife, fork and spoon, they even scrape their own plates clean and put their dirty dishes ready in a basin to be washed. This is in line with what happens in pre-school. Sleeps are done in the room, in the quiet area on day beds after lunch. When a child is showing signs of being ready for potty training we can advice and work alongside you to help this become a success.  We have 28 places with 2 groups  in our Beaumont nursery and 12 places to offer in our Les Quennevais nursery, with staff ratios being 1 adult to 4 children.